dimanche 12 février 2012


Remember giving mix-tapes to your beloved ones?
Today, 12-year old Leonor made a customised cd-case for her valentine's mix-cd!
Little efford, great gift!

1 Cut two pieces of cardboard 14x14cm
2 Use one of the prepared cardboard pieces to trace the same size of the fabric of your choice
3 Glue it onto the cardboard (yes, you're allowed to use glue this time - no rules in customising!)
4 Sew it on, feel free to add things, decorate however you want. Leonor added iron-on-lette
rs. Repeat steps 1 to 4 for the other cardboard-piece
5 Sew the two pieces together, leaving one side open
6 Ready your handmade cd-case!

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