dimanche 27 novembre 2011


Come, shop and drink gluhwine! This sunday, december 4th, 10am to 6pm.

lundi 14 novembre 2011

Father's daughter

Once upon a time, i promised my father a sailboat with the money i would make as an adult..a few weeks ago we both agreed that we should forget about my promise, in order to avoid pressure and guilt. Plus: it's not the size of the boat - it's the motion in the ocean!
Here we go - a homemade, hand-stitched, old-fashioned adornment pillow for his birthday.

Knitted Furnishings

While strawling through winter-cold Zurich today, I discovered the work of Ireland knit designer Claire-Anne O'Brien. I just can't think of anything better than sitting on one of her chairs while knitting my new winter-scarf. It also makes me want to to dress so all my furniture at home!