mardi 31 juillet 2012

mardi 10 avril 2012

dimanche 8 avril 2012

lundi 26 mars 2012

mercredi 21 mars 2012

Masterpiece - The Answer

In the meantime, we found the mysterious artist of the beautiful masks...another Dutch talent: Bertjan Pot! Tataaaa!

Fashion Mutant

Check out the unique collection of Dutch designer Bas Kosters..funny!

mercredi 7 mars 2012

Postcard from Prada Marfa

Damn - they didn't have Madeleine's shoe size!


The last few hours I spent trying to find out who made this beautiful piece. I take my hat off to the anonymous maker.

vendredi 2 mars 2012

dimanche 26 février 2012

vendredi 24 février 2012

2 become 1

Let's officially welcome Héloïse - our neighbour Bob's little girl.
You might think the two are acutally physically attached - but no, this is just a partnerlook at its best. We love it!

mardi 21 février 2012

Leonor's dress

After two days of intense work - voilà!! Ready for summer!

dimanche 19 février 2012

Tricot today!

Knitting-master Sebastien Davidtelevision and his students knitted the rainy day away.

vendredi 17 février 2012

Silly shoes part 2

Elegant? Yes. Silly? Yes. Comfy? No.
Lady Gaga? Yes!!!

Too silly for my shoes!

I don't know whether I should laugh or cry..I'm really hesitating between being amused or offended by bad taste. But they surely make me smile!

lundi 13 février 2012


If you happen to be in Zurich these days, don't miss the expo at Museum für Gestaltung about Swiss graphic design of the last decennium. A feast for the eyes!

dimanche 12 février 2012


Remember giving mix-tapes to your beloved ones?
Today, 12-year old Leonor made a customised cd-case for her valentine's mix-cd!
Little efford, great gift!

1 Cut two pieces of cardboard 14x14cm
2 Use one of the prepared cardboard pieces to trace the same size of the fabric of your choice
3 Glue it onto the cardboard (yes, you're allowed to use glue this time - no rules in customising!)
4 Sew it on, feel free to add things, decorate however you want. Leonor added iron-on-lette
rs. Repeat steps 1 to 4 for the other cardboard-piece
5 Sew the two pieces together, leaving one side open
6 Ready your handmade cd-case!

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